Fitness nutrition made simple.

There are all kinds of different diets like “The Lose Your Belly Diet,” “The Fast Metabolism Diet,” “Zero Sugar Diet,” and so on.

Most of these books made me realize one thing. You will lose weight on any given “diet” program. They all work. However, they seem to leave out the part that says, “You’ll gain it all back”

Your diet is merely the foods you eat. Using the word diet is simply a marketing ploy.


I do enjoy tasty food but the main reason I eat is for FUEL. Food is like gasoline for your stomach. Would you put jet fuel into your car? It is fuel but not the right type. I base what I eat on what comes from the Earth. Broccoli, sweet potato, eggs, rice, various planets, meats etc.

By using this system I simply just mix and match foods. It also saves me time because I don’t have to think about all the options. Picture yourself in the grocery store. If you just stay on the edges, the food you can buy is pretty small compared to the middle.


What more can I say. The Earth is made up of mostly water. Our bodies are made up of water. It is a super simple to understand and taste great.

Make sure to drink plenty of it. I’ve seen so many rules about how much you should drink. JUST DRINK IT. I carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go.

Animals do not spend as much time as humans figuring out what to eat. They keep it simple often eating the same thing everyday because that’s what they suppose to eat.

If only we could adopt this mentality.


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